Japan 10 Day Ski Trip

From AUD $2,599.00
  • Location: Tokyo
  • Product code: PUN0U7

Touch down Japan! This is One Life Adventures Japan with the ultimate twist, we’re taking you to the slopes! They don’t call it Ja-Pow for nothing, named as such due to the fresh powder that falls on the Japanese Alps each year, these slopes are quickly gaining a reputation in the skiing world. What’s more, this is not your usual skiing holiday - Japan is a magical place where old and new collide, a country full of incredible natural beauty, futuristic cities of neon and world-renowned food. With an introduction to the timelessness of Tokyo, we'll experience everything this city has to offer before taking a bullet train to Nagano, where you’ll spend your days exploring the runs, soaking in onsens and even checking out the infamous Snow Monkeys while they bathe in the hot springs. By the end of the 10 days you will have lived and breathed the (snow capped) land of the rising sun.